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If you are looking for the world full of excitement, competition and enormous wins, the world of casino top games is for you. Whether you are seeking fun, or great money, or personal improvement, the casino world always opens its doors for you.

How to define best casino games

Casino games differ in many ways including what instruments it uses, how bets are placed, if it depends on any skills or not, etc. Therefore, each gambling game is played with different odds and various probabilities.

If you want to win more, it is vital to learn what are casino games with best odds and what games should be avoided. The better odds the game offers to players, the better the game can be called.

Real money payouts in best casino games

In order to receive some real money through gambling, all possible payouts should be counted. Payouts are determined by the house edge that is the percentage the casino takes from the players’ bet and RTP (Return to Player), which is the percentage of all money that is given back to gamers.

The usual house edge is 2-3 % and by learning the house edge and RTP of specific games the odds of the game can be defined as well. The lower house edge will usually offer better odds and higher payouts.

Another thing that defines payouts in best casino games is the casino bonus. Such bonus is used to attract news users to casino sites and keep the existing ones.

Bonuses can be divided into such types:

  • welcome bonus, particular percentage of bonus cash to your deposit granted at the registration;
  • reload bonus, amount of cash granted to you for reloading your account again and again;
  • no deposit bonus, a certain sum granted at the registration and a permission not to deposit any money at the beginning;
  • preferred deposit bonus, amount of bonus money granted for using casino’s favored form of electronic payment;
  • loyalty bonus, amount of bonus money granted for playing for a long time and reaching particular levels;
  • high roller bonus, amount of bonus money granted for large deposits.

Such bonus money can be used to gain much more profit with much less deposits and therefore increase payouts from games.

Odds in casino gaming

The term “odds” in casino means the probability of winning for a player. Best odds therefore determine best games to play at casino. First of all, table games have much better odds than slots. The mechanics of those game as well as the human factor make them much more favorable for players.

The best odds in gaming belong to Blackjack, Craps and Roulette. These three games are known for their low house edge and potential high payouts. They are quite simple even for beginners and can guarantee at least small returns.

Slots and the Wheel of Fortune are known for the worst odds ever. The house edge is extremely high and starts from at least 11.2% for the wheel and much more for slots. In slots, hitting any particular image on the reel is set up virtually and depends on how may virtual stops correspond to the real stop. The jackpot images usually have the least number of virtual stops, which makes chances of winning extremely low and throws slots out of the best casino games list.

The list of the most popular casino games

Considering or ignoring odds of games, players choose the game that they believe will satisfy them.

Thus, there is the list of most-played games in casinos in descending order:

  1. Slots, attracting machines for most people by their brightness and easiness;
  2. Blackjack, one of the best casino games for showing your playing skills;
  3. Roulette, the game of pure luck with the ball on the spinning wheel;
  4. Poker, the card game of intuition and bluffing;
  5. Baccarat, the complex card game of skills and luck;
  6. Craps, the dice game of luck.

Players come to casinos with different goals, so in order to receive most of what you wanted from this experience, learn the odds and possibilities first.

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