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For many players, slot machines, which are by far the most popular casino game, Roulette, the most commonly played table game, and card games such as Blackjack, Poker and its variants are the casino games with best odds. However, players can distinguish cards and table casino games with the best odds and slots.

While BJ and Poker can bring a professional more money than a newbie can get, slots do not require special strategies. They are based on RNG, and the chance to win often depends on RTP.

Most famous casino games with best odds

Sometimes, gamblers suppose that Roulette and Craps are the casino games with best odds, especially if a player makes certain bets. However, card games such as Blackjack and Baccarat are also known to have good player probabilities. On the other hand, it is known that slot machines have a high return on players (RTP) and slot machines average RTP is 97%. This means that it repays 97% of every dollar spent in a game.

However, it is difficult to get the jackpot on a slot machine or to win a high odd at a table or card game. Before making a choice, a gambler should check the payout percentages to see if his chances of winning are good or not, and the list of casino games with best odds should be also looked through. The better the payout here, the higher the risk and the harder the profit is.

Where can a gambler the biggest jackpots?

The biggest jackpots are offered by progressive slot machines, which players can find in almost all online casinos. These jackpots consist of five to eight digits. Progressive slot jackpots are so big because the game includes different casinos, with part of each bet going in the direction of the progressive jackpot.

Which games are best for beginners?

Many people like slot machines because they are easy to play while other beginners prefer Roulette, which is pretty easy to understand. Regardless of which online casino game a gambler wants to play, he should read all the game rules before he spends any money. Also, it’s always a good idea to play the game for free first because it gives a person an idea of how the game works before he risks real money.

How can a gambler improve his chances of winning?

There is no easy answer to how he can win but he should find the casino games with best odds and ignore the worst ones. However, there are a few things you can do to increase your money supply, give you more rounds, and increase your chances of winning. Learning more about casino games with best odds for player, he will find out that Blackjack brings more benefits for players. Thus, it is worth learning the rules of this table game and play to make money, not for fun only.

When dealing with bets, a certain strategy is also needed. If a player has € 100, he will not play a minimum bet of € 10, but a game in which he can bet € 1 per round. In that case, he will receive ten times more bets. Before the gamer makes his bets, he must be sure he knows the rules and try the game first in free mode. It is also important to set limits to victory and defeat and stick with it.

The best slots with highest payouts

Seeking for casino games with best player odds, one should make his own list of slots with the highest RTP or use this one:

  • Ohh Ahh Dracula (99% RTP);
  • Goblins Cave (99,3 RTP%);
  • Monopoly Big Event (99%);
  • Triple Profits (98.73%);
  • Mega Joker (98.9%);
  • Golden Chief (98.2% RTP), etc.

Seeking for the slots by provider, players should learn that there are 3 leaders of them, and their slots have the best payouts:

  1. NetEnt. These are slot casino games with best odds;
  2. Play’n’Go;
  3. Nextgen.

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